Friday, February 01, 2008


Obama is a decent enough candidate, though his widespread appeal I don't get. Of course, if you've seen enough races, you've seen this kind of candidate before--the one that excites a younger crowd because they've never seen this kind of candidate before.

One of his biggest selling points is he'll bring us together--he believes in bipartisanship. Can anyone take this seriously, no matter what their age? We've just had a 20-year run of centrist presidents and they inspired outrage in the other party (or at least the other party's base).

The truth is it's not candidates who are bipartisan, it's the public. If they want both sides to work together, they'll let it happen. A sweet-talker (or even a straight-talker) can only bring people together so much.

There's this idea that we can all get together and solve our problems as if politics were a barn-raising. But people simply believe in different solutions. They can change their minds, of course, but it's usually a long, painful process.

By the way, looks like Hillary should be worried. As I read the polls, McCain's won the nomination unless Romney has an amazing rally, but Obama and Clinton are essentially tied. Since the Dems don't have winner-take-all, even if Hillary wins a lot of states by small margins, that's not enough to get Obama--who's got plenty of money--out of the race.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democrats often award delegates on a precinct by precinct basis. That means if Hillary can win among white people, it'll more than counteract Obama's huge popularity with blacks.

2:17 AM, February 01, 2008  

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