Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ageless Question

Nestor Carbonell, Lost's Richard, as Khan? Why not? If J.J. Abrams wants to raid the Lost larder, that's his business.

To me the bigger question is should Star Trek bring back Khan to begin with.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I very much opposed the many retcons in the ST movie. But I'm not surprised.

At least in the world of comic books, a reboot (re-telling someone's origin story with subtle and not-so-subtle alterations to the old canon) is usually an indication that you plan to tell the person's story again, from the beginning.

Thus the reboot of Superman (1986) began with a reworking of his origin story, and was followed by dozens of re-tellings over the next few years: his first confrontation with Luthor and each of the other villains, his first discovery of his Kryptonian origins, his first meeting with Batman, etc. The same formula was followed in the reboot of various other superheroes.

So now that they have rebooted the Trek story and retconned the universe (Vulcan destroyed, Spock's mother dead along with nearly his entire species, Spock and Uhura in a romantic relationship), it seems inevitable that they will re-tell old stories to us in the new universe.

If Lost reboots the Oceanic folks in Season 6 (which I dread), I expect we'll see the same thing: we will be shown, either in "current time" or in flashbacks, Jack's first meeting with Kate, Kate's first meeting with Sawyer, Jack's discovery of Kate's past, etc.

8:39 AM, November 21, 2009  
Blogger LAGuy said...

(I'm about to go to a friend's house to watch the OSU game. After we lose I hope I can go back to sleep and pretend the whole season was a dream.)

ST is obviously a retcon, but, more important, a highly successful retcon. J.J. and gang can do whatever they want now, using, or not using, anything from the ST universe.

I don't have any strong feelings about Vulcan's destruction. It seems a bit much, but the one thing it did was make Spock even more special. It's like Superman's origin. Though I have to ask were there any other Vulcans off the planet at the time of its destruction?

I'm sorry that Shatner can't appear in this retconned world, but he bought it in the old ST and the new rules don't let him come back from the future. I wonder if they can figure a way around that? Of course they can, but do they want to. (And will they use red matter again?)

As far as the Lost reboot, which seems inevitable, I don't mind. It does fit with the storyline, aftet all, and also allows for the return of old characters without necessarily making them regulars, which Lost has always had. The main thing is it's important a lot be at stake--we don't want all those deaths along the way to be meaningless. I'm sure the producers are smart enough to make sure everything is up for grabs.

My main problem is it seems Locke is really dead. That's not only sad, it also means my favorite character won't appear in the final season. Anti-Locke will be there, but I like the character, not just the actor. Though if there is an alternate timeline, I guess Locke could be in that one.

8:59 AM, November 21, 2009  
Blogger John said...

Shatner coming back is pretty easy: his spirit is trapped in the Nexus, in a dimension trapped outside of time.

The way Star Trek: Generations explained the Nexus, it didn't seem that actually leaving the Nexus stopped him from still existing inside of it: therefore, in theory, he (and Picard) could emerge from the Nexus infinitely through as many millennia as the Nexus existed in the universe.

But why the hell would J.J. Abrams want to remind people about the Nexus? Or Generations? Or, really, the previous continuity? The first rebooted Star Trek movie was such a success, Abrams owns the franchise now.

1:01 AM, November 22, 2009  
Blogger QueensGuy said...

Though I have to ask were there any other Vulcans off the planet at the time of its destruction?

Yes. In the Abrams film Spock estimated the number of Vulcans off-planet at the time of the destruction at less than 10,000. The writers subsequently clarified that the 10k number did not include Vulcans who already were living on other worlds.

5:52 AM, November 22, 2009  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I suppose that the 10,000 figure also doesn't include those living in Kandor when Brainiac shrunk it.

12:58 PM, November 22, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just flush a dead planet with some Vulcan DNA and the Genesis Project and everything will be back to normal.

4:29 PM, November 22, 2009  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I'm on record saying I want to see old Star Trek episodes revisioned in the new Star Trek universe. But if you ask me, you shouldn't redo the topics of the films. Wrath of Khan was the best of the Star Trek films (imho), why not leave it alone. Do the doomsday machine, or the Romulan cloaking device or the Gorn. or if we want to getthe Q involved, revisit Trelain on his toy planet!

Oh well, no one is asking me.

10:29 AM, November 23, 2009  

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