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Starter For 10

I soon plan to write about my conflicted feelings over the last season of Lost. I'm sure it'll be one of many post-Lost contemplations.

Until then, let me list my ten favorite characters, in ascending order. I should note I'm picking the characters based on them at their best--there were certain episodes, and even seasons, when they were not well served.

10. Richard

One of the more mysterious characters (until revealed in the final season), Richard was very capable but usually worked in the background, acting as the voice of reason.

9. Jack

Someone's got to be the hero. It's often a thankless job. Jack tried so hard to be the good guy it could get to be boring. But he was central in getting the show off the ground and rallied well in the final season.

8. Faraday.

Soft spoken and often confused, he was the only one who seemed to understand what was happening scientifically. I wish he could have been around in the sixth season--we could have used some rational explanations.

7. Juliet

There were decent female characters on the show, but Juliet is the only one who makes my top ten. She was stuck on the Island quite a while, and had lost the ability to smile until she surprised herself and found love. I'm certain the producers had no idea when they began the show that Juliet would be half of the greatest couple on the show.

6. Desmond

I see Desmond as the most separate of the leads. He sometimes worked with the others, but usually seemed to be on his own. I mean there were the Losties, the Tailies, the Others, the Freighter Folk and the DI, but from the start, Desmond was all by himself, in the hatch. And when he turned that key, he separated himself even more.

5. Hurley

The audience stand-in, an everyman who often asked the questions the audience was thinking. Also, the show's comic relief. If he hadn't been around, I think the show would have been too grim.

4. Sayid

Maybe the most troubled (of a very troubled bunch). He was one of the most talented, good at both technical matters and battle, but was so uncertain of his moral center that he sought out others to help show him the way.

3. Sawyer

The ultimate bad boy--which is why he hooked up with more women than any other character. His arc into hero and lover may have been the most dramatic in the show.

2. Ben

I don't know if it was the writing or the actor, but Ben was the character who was the hardest to see into--you didn't know if he was telling the truth or using you. I'm not sure if he knew. At times he seemed to be a psychotic killer, but also seemed to believe he was one of the good guys. His need for power led him astray before he learned what he truly was, but along the way he provided more tension (and got beat up more) than any other character.

1. Locke

Sometimes wise, sometimes pathetic. He was a believer, but he also knew how painful believing could be. Ironically, believing in the island made him the perfect mark, but also led to the final resolution, even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Decent list, a few comments:

1. Kate makes my list for lust-- er, looks alone.

2. Faraday does NOT make my list. The character was interesting, but the actor irritated me with his stereo-typical portrayal of "geek genius" heavily laden with quirks and ticks.

3. I don't know that I'd put Locke at #1, just because he was often such a wussy wimp before he died - but it was DEFINITELY the #1 dream role for an actor on "LOST". You get to play an interesting, complex, major character to begin with, you get to die, you get to be resurrected, and to top it all off, you get to become the ultimate antagonist of the entire piece.

Hurley wasn't the one who hit the lottery, Terry O'Quinn did.

8:58 AM, June 09, 2010  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

My list would be pretty close, but I might put Lapidus in the top ten (just barely). Lapidus could be the source of laughter even when Hurley wasn't around.

Although they never explained when he developed the ability to breathe water (a power clearly implied in the final episode)....

8:19 PM, June 09, 2010  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Anonymoust: I'm not a Kate-hater, though a lot of fans are. She's unquestionably hot. And though her backstory got duller as it went along, her early episodes were quite striking.

As for Locke, note I'm picking the characters based on their best. Locke was never less than interesting, and in the first season he was amazing.

Larry: Lapidus almost made my list. His character never amounted to much, but he was fun to have around.

8:51 PM, June 09, 2010  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

The Kate of the early seasons was interesting enough to barely crack the top ten. And for some reason, her expression at the end of season four, when Ben tells her that she can leave the Island, is burned into my brain. "You mean we can leave?" She simply could not believe it.

In season five we had some mysteries: what was her secret errand? what happened to Aaron that she made Jack promise never to ask? But then it turned out that the first of these was a Sawyer story, and the second was a Claire story. From that point on, there was no more Kate story. For the last season and a half, Kate was simply an object of discord between Sawyer and Juliet, or a temptation for Sawyer and Jack. Her story was irrelevant. And in the end, even her back story -- which more than any other backstory in the show seemed to require some kind of redemption -- was totally irrelevant in Purgatory. So why should I care about her if the writers no longer did?

1:16 AM, June 10, 2010  
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