Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Credit Where It's Due

Three short plays by Woody Allen, Ethan Coen and Elaine May will be appearing in one package on Broadway. The Wall Street Journal notes:

The new mini plays, titled "Relatively Speaking," will be directed by John Turturro, who has appeared in several films by Coen and his brother Joel, including "The Big Lebowski."

Who doesn't love The Big Lebowski?  Still, it's an odd choice to mention, as Turturro's character, Jesus, though memorable, isn't much more than a glorified walk-on. What about his large supporting roles in Miller's Crossing or O Brother, Where Are Thou??  What about his work as the title character in the award-winning Barton Fink?

In other entertainment news, Lisa Edelstein will not return next season in House.  Fox renewed the series last week, though there were a few actors still negotiating their contracts (not lead Hugh Laurie).  She claims it's time to move on, but you have to wonder why she doesn't want to stick around one more year and make a few more million.  I have to wonder if she and the show didn't see eye to eye on money.  Maybe they were playing hardball and asking for a cut.

Edelsetin's Cuddy has been one of my least favorite characters.  It's a thankless role, generally playing the wet blanket against House's outrageousness.  There was also something simmering between them, which, alas, finally broke out this season. Just as well she's going, since their relationship was a drag on the show and I'm not sure how much further their arc could go now that they've broken up.


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