Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hot Dog!

I live just down the street from Pinks, an LA landmark--the most famous and popular hot dog stand in town.  Now a Papaya King, New York's storied hot dog stand, has opened equally far up the street from me (though  it's a different street).

I don't really go to Pink's much.  Maybe twice in the last five years.  Not really a hot dog guy.  (When I lived in Chicago I was right next to a major hot dog stand but I didn't find Chicago-style hot dogs that enticing, so I went once and that was it.)  The irony is I don't think that much of Pinks, yet whenever I drive by (which is most days), there's always a line.

I guess I should check out Papaya King just to see what all the talk is about, but I'm not expecting much.


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