Friday, December 06, 2013

Party Downer

It's good to see Party Down--all 20 episodes--being repeated on the newly-former Esquire Channel.  Anything that spreads my favorite sitcom of the past ten years is fine with me.

One slight problem, though.  Comedy is about rhythm, not just of the line, but the scene, and the entire show.  Party Down has a great rhythm.  As it started on cable, there are no commercials.  It starts with a cold open, followed by the title accompanied by a short sting of their theme.  Then the main story, where the complications pile up, through to the climax.  Then we get some end credits with the theme, followed by a bit more story, generally an anticlimax, followed by the full theme and credits.  It all worked together wonderfully.

Unfortunately, for time reasons, or whatever, Esquire rushes through the credits, cutting almost straight to the anticlimax, and then rushes even faster through the final credits, destroying the enjoyable rhythm of the show.  I suppose it's better the show be seen at all, but the audience isn't getting it full force.

PS  I recently saw a Mr. Ed episode with the end credits sped up, which you might not have noticed except that Mr. Ed himself was in the background moving around like crazy.


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