Thursday, October 02, 2014

No wonder they're mad

"Police say Destrehan teachers had a threesome with a student"

This is outrageous! Don't these teachers have any idea of societal norms? Don't they know they're only supposed to do this with the police? Or fire, same thing.

Gotta love newspapers. Like that Far Side, "Stimulus, response, stimulus, response. Don't you ever think?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it me, or are all the women teachers caught in these teacher-student scandals tend to be fairly young and easy on the eye. (Maybe they are only ones that get airplay for the pure salaciousness of it?)

Whereas men teachers accused of this behavior with students tend to be gross old turds.

Must have to do with power differentials or some such.

6:39 AM, October 02, 2014  

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