Thursday, October 02, 2014

That May Be The Case

With all the commotion over Shonda Rhimes, I figured I'd do her a favor and watch her latest, How To Get Away With Murder.  It's an ABC drama starring Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, who teaches criminal law and also has a thriving practice as a defense attorney. Already that's sort of ridiculous--some law professors do legal work, but you can't do both full-time. But hey, let's relax, it's a TV show.

We start with the first day of class. Keating is not only the toughest teacher around, but immediately involves her students in an ongoing murder case.  She essentially auditions them, having each make a two-minute presentation for the best defense they can come up with.  She picks the best of these students--who have nothing in common except for being good-looking--and they help her with the case. (It's only a TV show.)

The trial itself has twists and turns, as the students beg, borrow and steal (and sleep with others) to find new evidence, all while Keating and her regular staff show complete ruthlessness to get their client off.  Meanwhile, we keep cutting to another story in the future where the five student Keating has chosen are trying to get rid of a body. (Just keep repeating it's only a TV show.)

The show is absurdly melodramatic (as may be Rhimes' other show--I don't watch them) but is sort of fun.  Each week promises to feature a trial, where no doubt Keating and crew will bend heaven and earth to win, along with some serial aspects dealing with the personal lives of the characters.  Don't know if I'll keep watching, but if I'm around and it's on, I may check it out again.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I'm out. I don't like most law procedurals anyway, and I really thought this one was too silly.

5:51 AM, October 02, 2014  

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