Sunday, January 25, 2015


I was driving behind a car with a bumper sticker that read "9-11 Was An Inside Job." If you're nuts enough to believe this, fine, then believe it.

But why would you broadcast it?  And not because you're worried that everyone will think you're a nut--after all, you're already a nut, and part of that nuttiness is a pride in letting everyone know about it.

No, what I wonder if about how the sticker shows us your level of paranoia.  You believe your government was in on the 9-11 attacks, perhaps even carried them out.  In other words, our government is so evil that they're willing to kill thousands of civilians to further their policies.  On top of which, they're able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public at large, who will buy their lies about the attacks.

So knowing that, what's to stop them from taking you out?  Each bumper sticker gives the government another target.  If I honestly believed 9-11 was an inside job, the last thing I'd do is tell anyone about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the same thing about the "Support the NRA' bumperstickers

6:31 AM, January 25, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Technically- this sticker says 9-[roman numeral 2] was an inside job. Maybe and maybe an inside joke too. [although maybe just a goof- I agree proper font usage is probably not a truther virtue]

6:34 AM, January 25, 2015  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

This sounds like gub'ment talk to me. Watch your back!

8:34 AM, January 26, 2015  

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