Friday, January 02, 2015

Vanity Plates Blowout

I'll probably be discontinuing the monthly vanity plate feature, so let's use up a bunch that I've got lying around.

I[heat symbol]CAPRA.  A movie fan with some memory.

M TOV.  Good luck.

2NDSHIP.  Is there a third?

SANCASL.  In the air.

UN BABY.  Yet not a diplomatic plate.

CHAIBRD.  Either chairman of the board or a lively bird.

DSMIIIR.  I feel sick.

MASSJAG.  Yes, it's a Jaguar, though the plates were California.

ITGIRL.  Information technology, or you're of the moment.

ACDMY.  You paid for more letters, use them.

WORKING.  Wouldn't "DRIVING" be more to the point?

TOUCHTV.  Do you sell it, because it better not be in your steering wheel.

FAT TOES.  At least I think it said that. The bottom wasn't clear, so it could have been "eat toes."

IDOMATH.  And yet you use letters to express yourself.

7DWARVS.  I didn't see them, and yet I guess I wouldn't.


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