Sunday, February 08, 2015

Wow, I liked it, too

So just messing around, wondering where American Sniper will top out, decide to look at the $300 million movie list, and come across the categories (which of course I've seen before), "fastest to $100 million," 200 million, all the way up to $600 million in $50 million increments.

Every single slot is held by "The Avengers." All I can think is, I'm sorry, that's just not credible. Fine show, but really, it's not even a movie. (Go away, Uma. Ooga chugga oooga chugga)

p.s. American Sniper got cheated by the methodology. It had, what, two weeks, three weeks of cooler time before actual release? That's gonna hurt your stats.


Blogger LAGuy said...

There actually was a movie version of the TV Avengers, starring Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman, which flopped pretty bad.

Clint and gang opted for the classy rollout strategy, where you build a film's rep with a few screens for a few weeks (and release it in December so it can get Oscar nods) and then put it out wide. Turns out that was probably a bad strategy for a film that everyone already wanted to see. They could have had the last two weeks in December when everyone was going out, and maybe even made ten or twenty million more. (That still didn't stop the mindless analysts at Variety from congratulating Clint on his strategy--I almost blogged on it. All they saw was a big hit, not a film that could have been bigger.)

When the dust clears the film will have grossed north of $300 million, but it probably won't break the record set by The Passion Of The Christ as the biggest domestic gross by an R-rated film. Of course, if you want to adjust for inflation, the winner is easily The Exorcist.

4:38 PM, February 08, 2015  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

I thought Gone With the Wind was far and away the winner?

Ooga chugga Ooga chugga

3:03 AM, February 09, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Porky's was the biggest

7:39 AM, February 09, 2015  
Blogger LAGuy said...

R-rated films.

Porky's isn't close.

10:41 AM, February 09, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

same demographics

11:16 AM, February 09, 2015  

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