Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's A Scammy Day

I got two calls yesterday from the IRS.  Well, maybe not the IRS, but a robo-voice claiming is was the IRS.  They said it was my final warning about a lawsuit they were filing against me.

Final notice?  I didn't remember the first notice--though I guess the first call of two was that.

I suppose I should call the number they gave me to clear this up.  I'll certainly give them any information they ask for--I don't want trouble.

The message I got was exactly the same as the video above except the phone number they gave me was different.  How many numbers do these people own?  It was a Delaware area code.  Hey, isn't that the place where they do all that incorporating?  Maybe this is for real.

Earlier this year I got a live call from the "IRS" telling me I was in trouble and they're sending the cops over right away.  I listened for a few minutes thinking there's a less than 1% chance this is authentic, but do I want to hang up if it is?  Finally I got tired of it (and the people I talked to were surprisingly abusive) and ended the call.

I got another call with someone telling me he could fix my computer problems.  I'd been having trouble with my computer, incidentally, but that's not so uncommon.  Anyway, I played along as I googled the directions he was giving me so I could make sure it was a scam.  Which of course it was.

How did I get on this list?  More important, how do I get off?  There should be a scam call that promises to get me off the list if I'll just give them my credit card and social security number.

PS Amazingly, as I was writing this, a pop-up screen with a loud warning buzzer appeared saying I had a serious problem with my computer, and to call a number they provided for help.  I might have ignored it, except last month I got this message at every website I went on telling me to call my cable company to make sure I get a new modem--and it turned out to be legit. (And why not--they charged me for the modem, after all.  Maybe it's just a different sort of scam.)

Anyway, the pop-up number was toll free, so I figured I'd check it out, even though I was almost certain it was a fake. They were very helpful, wanting to access my computer remotely to fix things.  My curiosity sated, I hung up.  However, I couldn't get rid of up pop-up, so I shut things down and rebooted.

Now I need to run a virus scan. I hope that will be enough.

PPS  I just got another call from the "IRS." These robocalls are especially annoying since you can't talk back to them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the federal and, if you have it, state, do not call list helps a little.

I always tell them to keep talking because I need a fix for the drone. Or I tell them authoritatively I have found their location and a squaddie is on the way. Both of these claims are ridiculous (if they were true, why would I tell them?), but they seem to result in hangups

4:07 AM, October 21, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite is to say, "Hold on a minute, let me go get my credit card."

4:19 AM, October 21, 2015  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I have asked them "how do you sleep at night, trying to take advantage of people this way?" Which has generally evoked a stream of curses. There is a blog of people who, as a hobby, try to see how far they can string along scammers. Sometimes they keep communications going for months, always taking them to the brink of sending cash or depositing money in a designated account.

12:17 PM, October 22, 2015  

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