Sunday, February 21, 2016

Losing faith

Jesse Owens smoked, drank beer, had sex with a woman and then married another, and, particularly heinous, talked back to his coach.

And a Columbus reporter lost faith.

The Ohio Constitution says idiots are not eligible as electors. I'll be filing a complaint with the secretary of state if this guy is registered.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a TV movie that covered this all in the 70s. I recall Tom Bosley played Jimmy Hoffa

6:04 AM, February 21, 2016  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Someday I'll have to school you on scrutability. You're failing my exacting standards.

12:55 PM, February 21, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The linked article claimed this new film was the first time all this stuff about Jesse Owens was addressed in a movie. I assume you know what is in your links.

I agree the writer is a fool but then again he writes for something called "Buckeyextra"

2:50 PM, February 21, 2016  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Unlikely assumption.

But I did look up Tom Bosley on IMDB, that is, his role. I like the idea of Tom as Kaiser Sose. (It was 1984 or 82, by the way, which raises a question of your age grouping. ColumbusGal is five years younger than I am, so we have interesting cultural gaps in what we remember from the 1970's and 1980's.)

And I was just foolin about the schoolin. I figured that was clear.

4:22 PM, February 21, 2016  

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