Saturday, March 05, 2016

Magic Never Gets Old

Happy birthday, Penn Jillette--the bigger, louder half of Penn & Teller.  I saw them off-Broadway many years ago, and they've been my favorite magic act since.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I've seen them twice live, and watch their TV show where they invite magicians to stump them on how a trick is done. I also have enjoyed a few of their YouTube videos - especially the one where they get Californians to agree to sort their trash into someting like 12 different cans, based on type of trash.

I may have mentioned this before, but I have a picture of my son standing up at their show at the Rio in Las Vegas. He was selected to show Penn's mind-reading ability by choosing a random page in a book (one they gave him) and having Penn tell him what's written on the page he's looking at. Not sure if Teller signaled him some how which page it was, but still amazing if Penn had the entire book memorized. I did get a disapproving finger waggle from Teller when I took the picture (I didn't use a flash, and it was my son I was clicking, so I didn't get ejected from the theater).

9:04 AM, March 07, 2016  

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