Saturday, May 13, 2017

And The Cancelation

So 2 Broke Girls has been canceled by CBS after six seasons.  I watched an episode once, near the beginning.  The leading ladies were charming, but the show was awful. I couldn't imagine watching it again.

Yet it had an audience.  I guess they liked the gals, and the cheap, vulgar jokes.  The cleverest thing about it was each episode title started with "And The..." as if it were a continuation of "2 Broke Girls." (Not that clever, and other shows have had similar tricks, and not something actually on the show itself, but what are you gonna do?)

It was one of the shows that seemed like it would always be on, but I guess even something this bad had to come to an end.  (Is there any chance it'll be picked up by another channel?  It's numbers are still better than a lot of shows out there.)

I suppose Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs will go on to other series, though the odds are against them appearing in another show that runs this long. I would guess starring in a sitcom for six years would set them for life.  Anyway, I hoped they saved their money.

It's odd, but this show will leave a hole in my schedule as the half hour each week that I make sure never to watch.

PS  Both The Great Indoors and Powerless have been canceled after one season.  So two strikeouts for Community actors on the big networks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two and a half men with mammaries and legs. Guaranteed to pay off for a few seasons

6:35 AM, May 14, 2017  

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