Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Classic Kasich

This link has nothing to do with Kasich, but he's a classic exemplar of the problem:

Obviously true. Something every, what, fourth grade student should know? Call it eighth grade for incompetence inflation.

Yet you have yammering from every politician that they're going to be the "jobs" president, governor, what have you.

How about just doing your rather small and pathetic job, which is primarily staying out of everyone else's way? It's obviously harder than it looks. Much easier to claim to be something you're not, since then it's impossible to falsify anything you claim to be doing.

(I have to admit I paused on the commander in chief of the United States, getting stuck on the analogy to chief justice of the United States. But the salient point is CEO, as much as it is an equally stupid affectation to pretend the entire country is a member of the armed forces. I've never seen so many militia supporters in the mainstream.)


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