Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wool Hat

Mike Nesmith has a memoir out, Infinite Tuesday.  Why not?  Bandmates Mickey Dolenz (I'm A Believer) and Davy Jones (They Made A Monkee Out Of Me) have put out their autobiographies.  I've even read the Dolenz book and thought it was pretty good.

For that matter, Nesmith has done some interesting things, being a pioneer in music videos, producing movies like Repo Man and putting out a bunch of solo albums.  (And his mom invented Liquid Paper.)

But he's got the same problem that Dolenz, Jones and presumably Peter Tork have--what we care about most is the Monkees phenomenon, which burnt itself out in a two or three years.

I would guess any life story from a Monkee would concentrate on those years.  But would it concentrate enough.  Is giving a half the book to those year enough?  Three quarters?  I'm not sure.

Nevertheless, I'll check it out if I see it in the library.


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