Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Cast From The Past

Animated shows (with the exception of topical South Park) have much longer lead times than other shows.  Which is what I was thinking when I watched Sunday's episode of Family Guy.

There are the regular characters, voiced by the regular cast, but also certain recurring characters voiced by guest stars--two in particular I'm thinking of.

There's the Mayor of Quahog, who appears fairly often, and Angela, Peter Griffin's boss, who doesn't show up quite so much.  But they were both there yesterday.  They're voiced, respectively, by Adam West (1928-2017) and Carrie Fisher (1956-2016).

There was good old Adam West, playing Mayor Adam West.  And Carrie Fisher, who left us over ten months ago.  I wonder if they'll be making any more vocal drop-ins.  I would guess, once the show has nothing left in the vaults, they'll retire these characters.

It was nice to hear them, but it gave the episode a sepulchral feeling it probably wasn't going for.


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