Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cashier Contretemps

I've had some odd interactions with cashier's lately.

I was buying some groceries when the cashier starting talking about how everyone's going Christmas shopping thanks to Trump's tax cuts.  In fact, he said, it's a good time to start a small business.

I honestly don't know what he was on about.  (Let's leave aside the fact that he had no reason to talk about any of this.) I don't know if he was supporting Trump or mocking him.

Since I live in a state that voted 2-1 for Hillary, let's assume it was the latter.  I still don't get it.  Was he making fun of Trump for there not being a tax cut that was promised?  That wouldn't have happened anyway. Or is he making fun of Trump for a tax cut, presumably to fat cats, which, in any case, hasn't happened yet.

And why mention all this in a grocery store?  I think he expected there'd be a moment of solidarity between us, but, if he was reading me right, what he got was confusion.

Then I was buying a birthday card at a place I won't mention.  The cashier actually picked up my card and read it.  He approved.

This is highly impertinent.  It's none of his business what sort of card I buy.  It's almost as if he were reading a private letter.  I almost felt like reporting him, but I worried if he were fired he might start working in the food industry, where he'd be a lot more dangerous if he sampled the wares.

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