Thursday, February 08, 2018

Mint Hint

On the way to a Super Bowl party, I stopped at See's Candies to buy a box of chocolates.  See's isn't cheap, but the Super Bowl is only once a year.

I picked out the assortment one by one.  I asked for a chocolate mint truffle.  Before the clerk (is there a name for See's sellers--chocaristas?) put the piece in, she stopped and said something about how if the mint truffle is in the box with other chocolates long enough, they may start smelling like mint.

So this truffle has a powerful smell.  So strong, in fact, that apparently See's requires a warning.  Did they get a lot of complaints?  "All my milk butterchews have a minty smell!"

Since the chocolates would be consumed in a few hours, I wasn't too worried.  But now I want to do some experiments.  We'll need to isolate a bunch of other pieces with the mint truffle and see how long the transformation takes.  And we'll do blind testing, with control groups.

Sure, it won't be cheap, but this is important research.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mint chocolates are like menthol cigarettes

7:51 AM, February 09, 2018  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

On a tour of the Celestial Seasons tea factory in Boulder, the guide showed us the mint room where they keep fresh mint for their mint teas. The room in sealed and air tight, and you could only stand in it a few minutes before your eyes started to water. They explained that if they didn't seal off the room, all their teas would be vaguely mint teas. Who knew?

10:15 AM, February 09, 2018  

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