Friday, March 02, 2018

HS Musical

Harvey Schmidt has died.  He was the composer who worked with lyricist Tom Jones to write Broadway musicals 110 In The Shade, I Do! I Do! and Celebration.  But the show they're best remembered for is The Fantasticks, which ran for 42 years off-Broadway.  I performed in the show for community theatre, and saw it done in its original location, the Sullivan Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi LaGuy, will you be commenting on the Verge piece on Rotten Tomatoes influence on Oscar nominations? Looking forward to your reaction. Thanks.

12:57 PM, March 02, 2018  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Thanks for asking. I will have some Oscar-related pieces over the weekend, but I'm not planning anything on the Verve article. There are a lot of factors on how the Oscars are chosen, but I doubt Rotten Tomatoes makes much difference. I also doubt it makes much difference on grosses or anything else. It's a useful place to see collected critical opinion (as is Metacritic), but it simply offers a clearer view on what people generally already understood in the past.

1:08 PM, March 02, 2018  

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