Monday, April 30, 2018

Foreign Legion

I gave up on Legion pretty quickly.  I checked it out because I liked Noah Hawley's other show, Fargo, but split after the pilot and a bit of the second episode.  I felt the show was confusing and the characters annoying.

However, with other shows ending their runs recently, I found Tuesday night fairly open so I gave the second season a looksee.  I've watched four episodes so far, and guess I'll keep watching, though it's not high priority.  For instance, I don't feel compelled to catch up on the first season.  (And I certainly won't check the Marvel comic.)

Which makes the second season sort of interesting, since I approached Legion from the outside.  A whole lot has happened, and either I've got to figure it out, or I can ignore it.  I'm mostly ignoring it.

The basic plot I get.  The lead character is David, who has special mental powers (though everyone seems to have special powers, which makes them less special). He's in love with fellow mutant Sydney.

He lives and works at a government agency known as Division 3, where they're is trying to stop the force known as the Shadow King from reconnecting with his body. (Or something like that.  David may actually be trying to do the opposite.)

The show is filled with extravagant visuals, which are kind of fun, as well as a lot of music.  And it's an interesting cast, with actors such as Dan Stevens (in the lead), Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin and Jemaine Clement.  Jon Hamm narrates.

So I've come this far. I'll probably make it to the end of the season, unless something better comes along.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I'm enjoying this show a lot, though I've only watched the 1st two episodes of Season 2 so far. You probably can watch this season without catching up on season one, but you have one misconception.

Division 3 were the bad guys in Season 1. They are a gov't agency that deals with mutants deemed dangerous, and they had captured David (and Syd, his eventual girlfriend). Summerland was the group of Mutants opposing Division 3, and they rescue David and Syd. Neither group realized, however, that living inside David was the Shadow King (Farouk), a very powerful mutant who had been there since at least shortly after David was born. The Shadow King had been defeated in a battle on the astral plain, and relegated to existing inside David, which is why he doesn't know where his body is.

Oliver Bird (Jemaine) and his wife founded Summerland, but Jemaine was lost on the astral plain years before the story started. The guy with the cane and messed up face (Clark) was the main guy chasing David. Anyway, that story line was pretty much concluded in season 1 - both Div. 3 and Summerland realize Farouk is the biggest threat out there, and the Shadow King was expelled from David, but took up residence in Jemaine's body. David was then captured by, it seems, the Summerland mutants of the future, and Season 2 opens with him returning a year later, surprised to find Summerland and Division 3 working together.

I like the show because of its Lynchian feel. I think the producers will avoid linking the show too closely to the Marvel universe of the X-Men. But there were hints in the first season that David is the son of Professor Xavier, who would be the guy who defeated Farouk in the past. Of course, if this story is set after the recent "Logan" film, Prof X is gone anyway.

Question - how do you like the Deadpool franchise?

4:40 PM, May 01, 2018  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Thanks for that refresher course. Not sure if it changes anything, but it did clear things up.

The show is weird, but it doesn't feel Lynchian to me, which is a different sort of weird.

I liked the Deadpool film. It's surprising how Marvel keeps coming up with good stuff. Whether it'll be a good franchise, though, we'll see.

5:10 PM, May 01, 2018  
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