Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mac Attack

Shirley MacLaine celebrates her birthday today.  Or does she?

She's been starring in movies since the mid 1950s, and has been nominated for six Oscars, winning one, so her fame seems to go far back.  But to someone like her, who believes in past lives, perhaps it's not such a big deal.  How exciting is it to be a movie star compared to the thrill of living in Atlantis thousands of years ago?

At least she apparently remember her past lives.  I can't remember a thing.  Which raises a point--what's the difference between having past lives that you don't remember and not having past lives at all.  Seems about the same.

Anyway, happy birthday, Shirley, though I guess at this point you've been born into this world on pretty much ever day of the calendar (if you measure dates with such a modern device).


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

Which raises a point--what's the difference between having past lives that you don't remember and not having past lives at all. Seems about the same.

This is the mirror image of a question I've often asked folks who believe in reincarnation: You say that my soul will survive after my death, and will be reincarnated into a new person -- who will not remember my current life. What's the difference between this kind of amnesiac "life after death" and not having life after death at all?

3:18 PM, April 24, 2018  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The trick is to become aware and get out of the cycle.

8:04 PM, April 24, 2018  
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