Sunday, June 24, 2018

If At First

There are always new shows out there in this age of peak TV.  Most of them I never even watch, but I often give a looksee to stuff on premium cable, since I'm paying for it.

For instance, the heavily promoted new HBO drama Succession. It's about a rich family fighting over who'll take over the company from the ailing patriarch (Brian Cox).

Now maybe this show could work, but haven't we seen enough Machiavellian rich families by now?  There's nothing going on here--dramatically or comically--that's anything special.  I bailed after an episode and a half.

Then there's Showtime's new mini-series Patrick Melrose, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Hugo Weaving.  Based on some novels I never read, it's about a rich, wasted British guy who has trouble dealing with life.  At least that's what it seemed to be about--I watched about half an hour before I gave up.

Maybe later I'll hear good things about these shows. And maybe then I'll give them a second chance.  But right now I don't feel like I'm giving up anything.

I also watched the pilot of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  It's available for free on YouTube.  Unfortunately, the rest of the season is only available on Amazon, which I don't have.  Otherwise I'd keep watching the show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Maisel is something special. Almost worth having Amazon.

If you'd do your duty as an American and buy more shit, you'd get it, not for free exactly, but at zero marginal cost.

1:13 PM, June 25, 2018  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.s. I'm a little surprised you got past the wedding scene. That nearly put me off the show altogether. But I got past it. I don't think I'll ever think it was justified, though.

1:15 PM, June 25, 2018  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.p.s. Anonymous #1 is an asshole.

1:16 PM, June 25, 2018  

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