Monday, December 09, 2013

Going To The Wells

Let's celebrate the birthday of bluesman Junior Wells.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Junior.

The Things You Left Behind. autographed picture of Junior Wells, I didn't even know you liked soul that well...

For the record, I would like to report that I once interacted with the Blues legend. In a failure to understand the proper chronology for these sorts of things, I arrived way way too early at a set he was playing and was shooting pool in the usually packed bar to pass the time. He walked by at one point, observed me setting up an impossible shot and laughingly (goodnaturedly I chose to believe) scoffed at me when I utterly failed in the execution. I believe he was as old then as I am now so I am heading out to a pool hall seeking fish out of water types from the burbs- I still can't play for shit but I can scoff with the best of them.

6:07 AM, December 09, 2013  

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