Saturday, December 07, 2013

Leftover Vanity Plates Of The Month

On a Lincoln Town Car:  LEGANTE.  Is this a word in a romance tongue, or elegant with the first letter put last?

FORMAND.  You want to say function.

GLDNDMR.  Not sure what the DMR is but I bet it's golden.

HD PITA.  Because all our food should be hi def.

AKA PJ.  I don't know what you're known as, so why should I care what you're also known as?

NDAUNTD.  I guess it takes a certain sort of courage to drive in Los Angeles.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

Visiting LA over Thanksgiving week, I'm amazed at how undaunted LA drivers are. We had to drive from Berkeley to Long Beach Tuesday, and chose to do some of the trip via the Pacific Coast Highway. Well enough - a beautiful drive.

It took 6 hours to get to Santa Monica Pier. After dinner, it took 2.5 hours to cross town to Long Beach! We had to pull off at one point to get more gas! The traffic stood almost still on the 405 - in both directions!

How can people live like this? Surely they couldn't all have been tourists like us who couldn't figure out an alternate route? How can people schedule 2 hour commutes in both directions every working day? My borther (who doesn't commute) said when he first got to LA, he tried every imaginable alternate - and there is no way to save time. Wow.

8:48 AM, December 09, 2013  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Santa Monica to Pasadena is cross town. Long Beach is another town. But the idea is the same.

I avoid rush hour traffic as best I can, but some aren't so lucky. We need automated cars so you can take care of thing on your way to work.

And if you thought this was bad, you should see how things go when the President's in town.

11:02 AM, December 09, 2013  

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