Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The End?

The eight-part comic miniseries Galavant ended on Sunday.  I found it mildly amusing, but since it wouldn't take that long to follow the hero on his quest, I figured I'd stick around till the end.

But that's just it.  There was no end, just a bunch of cliffhangers to taunt us until next season.  Somehow I got the idea they were going to wrap up the story, even if they planned to make more episodes later. Sorry, but I'm not going to stick around, and unresolved your unresolved plotlines do not tempt me.  I feel cheated.

(Not as cheated as I felt by Under The Dome, which I didn't even like..  I bailed on that show early, but tuned in for the finale out of curiosity.  I mean there's a big damn dome--where'd that come from?  But once CBS got some ratings they figured they had something, and it turned from a miniseries into a regular show.  So what was a mystery with promised closure became ongoing thing that will never get solved if people keep watching.  I got out from under immediately.)


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