Thursday, May 04, 2017

Sick Mick

The Mick's first season just ended.  The premise of the show is two rich parents, on the run from the FBI for tax fraud, abandon their kids and their fancy Connecticut home.  In comes the wife's sister, "Mickey," to look out for the kids while the parents are in hiding.

The fun comes from the culture clash.  The kids are rich and spoiled, the Mick is loud and low-class.  They both adapt to their new lifestyles.  But in the final episode, the parents return, only the be captured by the feds.  On top of which, their mansion burns down.

So, unless I'm mistaken, it looks like the second season (just confirmed) will have Mickey and her young charges dealing with poverty.  I don't like it.

I understand that sitcoms these days like to move forward and change things around.  But what was fun about the first season was to see the proletariat amidst luxurious trappings.  Comedy is about conflict, and pain, but seeing all the characters suffer fiscally doesn't strike me as more fun.

I'm reminded of the finale of my favorite new sitcom, The Good Place, which turned the whole concept of the show on its head.  It was a powerful surprise, but it meant the next season was going in a direction that wasn't as intriguing (not to mention it retroactively made the first season less funny).

It's so hard to get people to watch something.  If you're going to turn the show into something new, you better be sure it's going to work.


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