Thursday, January 10, 2008

Prediction For 2008

We've already gotten New England Guy's prediction for 2008, and who knows, maybe some other Guy will do his. Until that day, here are mine.

Iraq: Bush will continue getting his way in Iraq. Iraq will continue to see significant progress. However, terrorists and insurgents, hoping to get a Democrat in the White House, will try their hardest to keep up the violence.

Terrorism: Osama Bin Laden will be considered to be dead.

World Politics: In an effort to burnish his legacy, Bush will work feverishly to get agreements on paper, such as in Israel and North Korea. However, whatever deals he strikes will not mean much.

American Politics: The Dems will hold the House and gain seats in the Senate. It's foolish to predict the Presidential race since we don't have a clue even after Iowa and New Hampshire who the candidates will be, much less what issues will matter. But looking at a bunch of potential face-offs, I puts the Dems' chance on taking back the White House at 5 out of 8.

Meanwhile, the Dems will not pass much major legislation. If they try to go too far, Bush will successfully veto. There will be no major tax or immigration legislation.

Popular Culture: Just as Spencer Tracy won a Best Actor Oscar for his imitation of Chico Marx, so will Daniel Day-Lewis win one for his imitation of John Huston. Julie Christie will defeat Ellen Page for Best Actress. (If Day-Lewis and Christie hadn't won already, these contests would be total locks.) The sentimental vote will not be enough and Javier Bardem will beat Hal Holbrook for Best Supporting Actor. For Best Supporting Actress, Amy Ryan will beat out Cate Blanchett.

Meanwhile, the writers' strike will not be resolved by April (though I sure hope I'm wrong.)

American Idol will continue to be popular, regardless of the strike.

Sports: New England will win the Super Bowl. If you think that's too wimpy, how about this: the Celtics will have the best record in basketball but will not win the championship. The Tigers will not finish first. The Wolverines will have a winning record (which, considering all the changes, is a brave prediction).

Economics: I don't even like predicting it, but the economy will likely go into recession.

Law: For all the big cases the Supreme Court has been hearing (even on the Second Amendment), there will be no hugely controversial decisions coming down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's going to beat the Celtics?

11:09 AM, January 10, 2008  
Blogger New England Guy said...

The Charlotte Bobcats if you watched last night

1:21 PM, January 10, 2008  

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