Thursday, December 04, 2014

Live With It

Walking Dead is a true TV phenomenon.  In its fifth season, the audience keeps growing, even beating Sunday Night Football in the ratings.  I guess I'm an example of that growing audience--I didn't watch it at first but now I've caught up and check out each new episode.

The recent mid-season finale killed off a lead character, a development one producer described as "devastating." He meant to the characters on the show, and I guess he ought to know.  To me, no big deal.

I see the show as Lost--a bunch of people learning to survive in a hostile environment, many dying along the way--without the wit, depth of character or intricate plotting.  There's not a single person on the show whose death would bother me. In fact, I wish most would die so we could reshuffle the deck and have more interesting people do more interesting things.

For instance, the way this lead bought it was dumb.  The plot arc--not much to begin with--had pretty much resolved, but then because one character acted like a jerk and another responded stupidly, someone had to die.  The real reason for the death was it was a mid-season finale and they needed something big, not really anything based in plot or character.

By the way, Christine Woods had a recurring role this season.  She was prominently featured, but she didn't make half the impact she did as Stephen Merchant's housemate in Hello Ladies--not a great show itself, but something that allowed her a little breathing space.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone recognize earlier this season Denise Crosby, the former Tasha Yar (from Star Trek TNG)and also contributor to Red Shoe Diaries. She was fairly unrecognizable in her role as a sort of matriarchal leader of the Terminus meat-eaters.

Speaking of spotting former ST babes- I just realized the mom in the Killing (Ok its 4 years old now but I am just getting to it) is the former Ensign Roe Laren

4:01 AM, December 04, 2014  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I'm still amused that Chris from Everybody Hates Chris will be a regular it seems as "Noah." I liked him on Matthew Perry's last short lived comedy as well - he's proving to be pretty versatile.

8:05 AM, December 04, 2014  
Blogger LAGuy said...

What I've noticed lately is Walking Dead has become an old age home for actors from The Wire.

8:44 AM, December 04, 2014  

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