Sunday, June 05, 2016

Slightly Knightley

I was looking at some old posts on Pajama Guy and ran into this piece from 2006.  It's about Walter Scott's Personality Parade, which I used to read on Sundays back when I bought newspapers.  Does that column still exist? It fascinated me.

I noted various things about it, including Scott's take on starlets such as Keira Knightley.  But what made me really take notice was this comment from reader Lawrence King:

Keira Knightley was wonderful in P&P [I assume he means Pride & Prejudice], but she (like nearly all the starlets today) is about 75% of the body weight that she needs to be attractive. It's bizarre. Will this trend be gone in ten years? I hope so....

My response:

A lot can happen in ten years, but I don't see any change soon on this front.

Well Larry, how do you think things have turned out?


Blogger New England Guy said...

While we await Mr. King's thought- I note that today's Walter Scott's Personality Parade (Parade seems almost occasionally and randomly to appear in my Sunday paper-is it monthly or something?) features a brief profile of Ellen Barkin who has fully become Angie Dickinson circa post-Police Woman years and appears somewhat slenderish. Also a profile on Nicole "Stalky" Kidman (Her childhood nickname I learned) and two others who I frankly do not recognize. Not the PPs of yore, Walter is now I assume like Betty Crocker and Mrs. Paul and Abby and Ann- just a personalizing name for product.

7:38 AM, June 05, 2016  
Blogger LAGuy said...

Good to know name Walter Scott lives on, even if the (non-existent) man doesn't.

11:53 AM, June 05, 2016  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I don't follow celebrity news as much as the average American (or even the tenth-percentile American, I suspect), so I can't really speak with any assurance about trends. Nonetheless, it sure seems that there is a lot more body diversity today than there was ten years ago, and I think that's a good thing.

Also -- at the risk of Columbus Guy suspecting I'm becoming politically correct -- I would have to retract my ten-years-ago use of the adjective "attractive" as if it were an absolute quality, since (obviously) what is attractive to one person may not be attractive to another, and also because when you actually get to know someone, their attractiveness to you is based on much more than their physical appearance.

10:40 PM, June 05, 2016  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

You're just getting old, Larry. We all lose our testosterone sooner or later.

3:29 PM, June 06, 2016  
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