Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Bad Spell

I caught Chris Rock's new stand-up special Tamborine on Netflix.  His first comedy special in ten years (I guess there was nothing to make fun of when Obama was president), it's also his weakest.  Admittedly, he's created a pretty high standard.

It's also quite personal.  He ends the show talking about his divorce.  But what really caught my attention was the title. It's a reference to his discussion of relationships--your job is to service your partner, which means sometimes you're just playing the tambourine.

And that's the thing.  The proper spelling is "tambourine."  Even the CC got it right. Was there a reason he spells it differently (wrong)?

I mean, you take some care in putting together a special, including choosing the title.  Is there something going on that I don't get?


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