Tuesday, March 06, 2018


This season of Homeland is a continuation of last season, which is unfortunate.  Following a new presidential administration, a crazed right-wing TV talk show host, and a domestic insurrection seems to be wrong for the show. I mean, Homeland was originally about CIA agents.  They deal with foreign threats.

But that's how it goes.  I still like the show.  Yet one thing this season really takes me out of it. The FBI has been involved in a Waco-like standoff.  And the head FBI agent is played by Matt Servitto.  If you've heard of him, it's likely because he was a recurring character on The Sopranos.  Where he played an FBI agent.

Can they do that?  Should they do that?  Is he supposed to be the same guy, a little bit older and relocated?  It doesn't matter, since it's impossible not to think of him that way.  It's quite distracting.

Every time you hire an actor known for another role, he'll bring a little of that into his new part.  But when he seems to be playing the same role, it makes you think there's a crossover going on.  Homeland has enough trouble being realistic without reminding you it's a TV show.


Blogger New England Guy said...

I know-- I kept thinking of Sid Vicious during Darkest Hour.

(Its sort of similar roles- they're both Brits)

2:50 AM, March 07, 2018  

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