Monday, March 05, 2018


Thought I'd post something on the Oscars, but I have very little to say.  I guess it was special in that, for the first time I can remember, there wasn't a single surprise winner.  In recent years, the show has gotten more predictable, but there's always some award somewhere that's somewhat surprising.  Not this year.  Nothing but favorites.  (See yesterday's post for my predictions, if you have any doubt.)

Also predictable--it ran long.  The show is listed as running three hours, but it was close to four.  (The In Memoriam tribute didn't even start till after the three-hour mark has passed.) They know it'll run overtime.  Why not just say so?
Okay, another surprise: The orchestra played a surprising number of Cole Porter tunes. Was some tribute going on I wasn't aware of?
Yet another surprise: James Ivory, who won a highly undeserved Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, is American.  Always thought he was British.
By the way, some thought it was absurd to give Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway a second chance to announce the Best Picture winner, but I thought it was brilliant. (And though the favorite had won every award up to that point, there was still some tension.)
Overall, the show was too political, which was a relief, since last year it was way too political.


Blogger New England Guy said...

Those were last night? Oh well guess I didn't miss much. The Walking Dead which I watched was pretty underwhelming and confusing- don't know why I keep trying to watch it

4:11 AM, March 05, 2018  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I was very close to skipping the Oscars because I was dreading the political grandstanding. But I gave it a shot, and like LG, was surprised it wasn't too bad. I didn't understand the main event - the song with all those people standing silently in the background. Was I supposed to recognize them? I also didn't have any idea what an "inclusion rider" was, until NPR explained it this evening. Sounds unworkable - how could a film guaranty a quota of characters that matches the supposed demographic make-up of the country?

Overall, I think this was a pretty weak year for Oscar nominations, though I hadn't seen some of the nominees. But I did see Get Out, 3 Billboards, I Tonya and Shape of Water, of which I only thought I Tonya was particularly well done (I agreed with Best Supporting Actress).


NEGuy, I DVR'd Walking Dead and watched this morning. All I can say is this episode was much more bearable than last week. I suppose last week was the price to pay to finally relieve us of Carl. This week was interesting, though. - They really are setting us up to contrast Negen's approach to the post apocalyptic world with Rick's. He had a point about about who got Carl deaded.

2:24 PM, March 05, 2018  

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